Functional conductor paths from the 3D printer

Fuses, modules and interconnect cables are widely used in many different technical environments – applications range from inside conventional contr...


Desktop Metal launches metal binder jet 3D printing solution for dental labs

Desktop Metal’s Desktop Health brand has announced the expansion of its metal...


From Substance to 3D printed packaging prototypes

Wanting to take packaging designs to the next level, the team at Stratasys offered to demonstrate how product designers and engineers could turn ph...


PostProcess Technologies 3D printing resin removal detergent recognised as biocompatible

PostProcess Technologies has announced that PLM-403-SUB 3D printing resin removal detergent has been validated for use in the medical and dental fi...


Raise3D introduces new E2CF 3D printer for composites

Raise3D revealed all details of the new E2CF, its new 3D printer that just made its first appearance at TCT Asia. Based on the award-winning E2 3D ...


Farsoon installed base of polymer and metal PBF 3D printers tops 500

Industrial laser powder bed fusion system manufacturer Farsoon Technologies revealed that by end of June 2021, the total Farsoon installed base of ...


University of Canterbury Nanolab gets new 2PP 3D printer

The latest nanofabrication tool to arrive at the University of Canterbury Nanolab (the Nanofabrication Laboratory) is a Photonic Professional GT2 (...


3D Print Layer Separation: 8 Tips to Avoid Delamination

Layer separation, sometimes referred to as delamination, is a 3D printing issue involving poor layer-to-layer adhesion. It’s a similar problem to poor first layer adhesion, which is when you have a weak bond between the first layer of your print and the build surface. Layer separation concerns the bonds between every subsequent layer of the print.


3D Printed Air Ducts from Recycled Plastic Cut Energy and Material Footprint for Office Buildings

As devastating as the effects of COVID-19 were on the global economy, the economic slowdown resulted in a 6.4 percent decrease in greenhouse gas em...


Redefine Meat Launches 5 3D Printed Fake Meats in Israeli Restaurants

Redefine Meat, the food brand that promised a 3D printed plant-based “beef” revolution in Israel, announced the commercial launch of its first-ever...



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