Network Established to Further Maritime 3D Printing

Maritime Network for 3D Printing is a German cooperation network on a mission to integrate digital fabrication into the naval realm. Their organiza...


Remote Controlled 3D-Printed Pills to Inhibit Cancer Growth

Central to the treatment of most patients, medication in the form of pills and complex drug delivery systems is expected to change drastically in t...


Discover the sand 3D printed Ionic Sound System from Deeptime

Remember the Spirula Speaker by studio Akemake? It was one of the very first design products showing that it was possible to actually make nice, fu...


Low-binder solvent-base feedstocks now available for 3D printing

Bound Material Powder Deposition (BMPD) technology, involving direct nozzle extrusion, has been under development for some years as an alternative ...


BONE 3D delivers open-source swab training model for COVID-19

There is an ongoing need to continue COVID-19 tests around the world, to track how the virus is still spreading and to prevent more major outbreaks...


3D printed Setae Jacket by Julia Koerner embodies the butterfly

Julia Koerner, an ambitious designer that works with 3D printing technologies, has created many special moments in the intersecting worlds of fashi...


A futuristic reality: 3D printed SpaceX helmets

Space travel and additive manufacturing are synonymous to innovation, and this time we are combining the two to take a closer look at the 3D printe...


nTopology signs MoU with Yamaichi to bring nTop software to Japan

nTopology and Japan’s Yamaichi Special Steel (YSS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to discuss and define the partnership to promote nTop...


Axiom from Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies blends 3D printing, injection molding

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies has developed a new production method, Axiom, which blends 3D printing with injection molding. It allows the use ...


All you need to know about TPU for 3D printing

So-called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a type of elastomer that is characterised by its high flexibility and durability in processing, combi...



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