Wearable Technology: Luxexcel Celebrates 3D Printing +50,000 Lenses for Customers

Luxexcel, Dutch pioneer in 3D printed ophthalmic lenses, has achieved a major milestone in volume manufacturing, after reporting that its manufactu...


Factum Arte: Creating and Conserving Art with 3D Printing

Factum Arte specialises in the conservation of cultural artefacts using new technologies, including several methods of additive manufacturing. The ...


How LFAM will make GE’s Haliade-X record turbines even more powerful

With blade diameter measuring more than two football fields, GE Renewables’ Haliade-X turbines are already the largest and most powerful in the wor...


Better metal powder, better metal prints

There is an old adage in computer software – garbage in, garbage out. This aphorism is true for many things, including metal AM.

Metal AM provides ...


Rights reserved: A new digital watermarking method for 3D printing models

"I believe this patent has great potential and will play an important role in stimulating the development of 3D technology,” Professor Hing Kai Cha...


CERN using 3D Printing to Improve Particle Detection

The European particle smashing agency, CERN has turned to 3D printing to manufacture components for a cooling system in the Large Hadron Collider. ...


The Most Influential Personalities of Additive Manufacturing 2020

With the end of the year comes a unique opportunity to recognise the personalities who have most impacted the additive manufacturing industry: thos...


Porsche Present 40% Lighter 3D Printed Electric Drive Housing

The car manufacturer Porsche has just unveiled its first complete housing for an electric engine thanks to additive metal manufacturing, or more pr...


Sugar Lab Launches Holiday Collection of 3D Printed Confections

There have been headlines about 3D printed food for a decade at least, but that many years later and there are very few 3D printed foods on the mar...


A 3D printed objet d'art: Bugatti & APWORKS on their 3D printed exhaust applications

Bugatti Body Development Contruction Engineer Jens Wenge [JW] and APWORKS’ Head ofProject Engineering AM Sebastian Lepa [SL] talk to TCT about the ...



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