COBOD and GUtech Have 3D Printed a World Record Breaking Construction Project in Oman

This year, we have already seen a number of projects within the construction industry that have used additive manufacturing. Whether remarkable fo...


Black Panther Movie Features 3D Printed Costume Parts

3D printing in movies is an exciting application of the technology. Movie buffs will probably have seen Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, already p...


Top 3D Printed Orthoses

It is becoming increasingly evident that additive manufacturing has a pivotal role to play within the medical sector. This is largely due to the a...


Oris Unveils a 3D Printed Watch to Honor Firefighters

Oris, a Swiss-based brand, has unveiled its new limited edition watch, the ‘Coulson Limited Edition’, in partnership with Coulson Aviation, a Cana...


Xjet on its Safe, Eco-Friendly Process for Ceramic and Metal 3D Printed Parts

The rapidly-increasing commercialization in the 3D printing arena has already led to massive growth in specific verticals like ceramics and metal....


The State of 3D Printing 2022: The Industry is Continuing to Move Towards Sustainable Development

3D printing and digital manufacturing specialist Sculpteo has released its 8th edition of its report, The State of 3D Printing: 2022. Like its sev...


3D Printing Can Be Done With Soil and Seeds


3D printing in housing is usually done with concrete materials, but this produces homes which, while well-insulated, can be sometimes expensive ...


Hyper FFF™ from Raise3D: A Solution to Increase the Speed of the FFF Process Without Sacrificing Accuracy

A few days ago, the manufacturer Raise3D announced an important upgrade for its FDM 3D printers, more specifically for its Pro3 Series (Pro3 and P...


What Are the Future Trends of Additive Manufacturing in Europe?

In recent years, the additive manufacturing market has clearly shown its potential as trends begin to emerge. And since a technology like additive...


All You Need to Know About Creo

CAD (or computer-aided design) is an essential component of the digital workflow of additive manufacturing. As is in the name, it involves the use...



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