New PVA Alternative Can Dissolve 20% Faster in Water

Infinite Materials Solutions LLC (Infinite) has announced the launch of a new water-soluble support material that it has put forth as a direct com...


Researchers From Stanford University Introduce New 3D Printed Solar Panels

Scientists from Stanford University in California recently developed a new, 3D-printed optical concentrator for solar panels. This pyramid-shaped ...


Researchers Develop ‘Faster and More Precise’ FFF 3D Printing Method

In a new study, researchers from Rutgers University have outlined what they claim to be a much faster and more precise FFF 3D printing process. Th...


What is the Difference Between SLA and MSLA 3D Printing?

Within resin 3D printing there are a number of different manufacturing methods. Processes like SLA, DLP or MSLA are all available, differing depen...


Asics Presents its New 3D Printed Flip-Flops Designed for Athletes

Famous sports brand ASICS recently made its debut on the 3D printed footwear market by introducing its first flip-flops that were designed via add...


Dental Labs are Overcoming Challenges Thanks to Additive Manufacturing

For some time now, it has been clear that the dental laboratory business has experienced a notable shift, with even more change yet to come. Value...


3D Printed Inserts That Maximize Comfort for Cyclists

Based in Treviso, Italy, Elastic Interface has used additive manufacturing for the first time to design chamois for cyclists, i.e. inserts that ar...


ORNL and IperionX Are Developing Low-Cost Titanium Alloys for AM

IperionX has announced that it is collaborating with Oak Ridge National Laboratory in order to further develop low-cost titanium alloys for additi...


NIST to Promote Metal Additive Manufacturing Through Nearly $4M in Grants

More than ever, we are seeing that governments are investing in additive manufacturing as a way to promote more sustainable, clean manufacturing. ...


Stratasys Board of Directors Moves to Avoid Any Potential Takeover

Leading 3D printing solutions manufacturer Stratasys has announced that it has adopted a limited duration shareholder rights plan. The move comes ...



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