The Top CAD Software for All Levels

The software you should use when designing a 3D printed part depends entirely on what it is. Indeed, the complexity of your object will influence ...


Mitsubishi Electric is Enabling Freeform 3D Printing of Satellites in Outer Space

Mitsubishi has long been active in more than just the automotive sector. The Japanese manufacturer of electrical and electronic products has also ...


What Were Some of the Key Takeaways from RAPID + TCT 2022?

Last Thursday, RAPID + TCT 2022 closed its doors after three days of conferences, networking, announcements and of course innovations. For the 30t...


New Software Reduces FDM 3D Printer Vibration Without Losing Speed

Imagine a kind of software that can allow your FDM 3D printer to maintain a high printing speed while keeping a decent level of accuracy. The Univ...

Osseus Announces FDA510 clearance Of New Pisces-SA ALIF System

Osseus Announces FDA510 clearance Of New Pisces-SA ALIF System

American medical device company Osseus recently announced the launch and FDA 510(k) clearance of its Pisces-SA standalone Anterior Lumbar Interbod...


Machine Learning: The Importance of Artificial Intelligence for Additive Manufacturing

For many companies, digitization and automation are the keys to the further development of additive manufacturing. Thus, more and more manufacture...


In Scotland, The LACRIMA Foundation is Making 3D Printed Wooden Beehives

There have already been attempts in the past to counteract bee mortality with the help of 3D-printed beehives. The company HIIVE, for example, use...


BCN3D and Henkel Focus On Creating Formulations for New VLM Technology

A while ago, in 2020, Spanish company BCN3D and the German Henkel group joined forces for a long-term partnership. Recently, it has been announced...


ExOne on the Launch of its S-Max Flex Sand 3D Printer

Last year, the acquisition of ExOne by Desktop Metal joined two of the largest manufacturers offering binder jetting solutions together. Now, we h...


Cornell University Has Purchased A 3D Printing Robot for More Sustainable Construction

The Bovay Civil Infrastructure Laboratory Complex, located in the basement of the Thurston Hall at the Cornell University in New York, recently pu...



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