All you need to know about PEI/ ULTEM ® for 3D printing

In recent years, the use of high-performance thermoplastics has become increasingly important in the 3D printing industry, as the technology moves ...


New printing process advances 3D capabilities

More durable prosthetics and medical devices for patients and stronger parts for airplanes and automobiles are just some of the products that could...


CATIA, all you need to know about this CAD software

Today there are many different types of 3D modeling software for different types of users depending on their needs, from beginners to professionals...


MX3D on the benefits of WAAM technology, the Robot Arm, and more

MX3D is a young company that mainly specializes in robotic metal 3D printing. Founded in 2014, the Amsterdam-based company has made quite a few hea...


Inverted SLS process to 3D print with multiple materials at once

Selective laser sintering technology is one of the most widely used processes in additive manufacturing, where plastic particles heated by a heat s...


Discovery, the 3D printed carbon fiber satellite

Mini-Cubes is a young American company that designs very small satellites: called PocketQubes, they measure only 5 cm and remain more accessible th...


Miele on the 3D4U project and the benefits of using 3D printing in the home appliances market

Miele, the German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment, revealed back in May that it would make free STL files for...

Bisca360, the world’s first 360° breathable waterproof 3D printed shoes

Bisca360, the world’s first 360° breathable waterproof 3D printed shoes

Be it a limited collection of designer shoes or just a 3D printed midsole in mass-produced sneakers, additive manufacturing is steadily making its way deeper into the world of footwear production

A closer look at the BAE Systems Factory of the Future

A closer look at the BAE Systems Factory of the Future

At BAE Systems, a new intelligent, smart factory is now set to increase productivity and revolutionize combat aircraft production in the UK. This first-of-its-kind industry 4.0 factory is applying game-changing digital technologies to advance manufacturing on the UK’s next-generation combat aircraft system, Tempest.


IDAM project takes GKN and BMW closer to industrialization of AM with real-time IoT

In March 2019, a consortium of 12 partners from across the additive manufacturing, automotive, research and industrial sectors launched the IDAM (Industrialization and Digitalization of Additive Manufacturing) project.



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