Barilla’s 3D Printed Pasta Is Now Available for Sale

Over the years, 3D printing has already affected multiple sectors and is now even finding its way onto our plates. These days,  the food industry ...


The 3D Printed Drones Helping Fight Wildfires

Public safety technology developer Axle Box Innovations is using additive manufacturing to support the development of 3D printed drones for fire m...

 3D Printed SSYS 2Y22 Reflection Collection Revealed at Milan Design Week

The 3D Printed SSYS 2Y22 Reflection Collection Revealed at Milan Design Week

Just recently, Stratasys announced its breakthrough in the fashion world with the launch of its J850 TechStyle. Now, the U.S.-Israeli manufacturer...


Researchers Have Developed 3D Printed Heart Valves That Can Grow in Your Body

A team of researchers recently announced that they have developed a new form of 3D printed heart valves. These new artificial organ parts are desi...


The Top Laser Cutters Available in 2022

A CO2 laser cutter, unlike a diode laser, is primarily used to cut a material. While the latter relies on a diode with a light power of less than ...


What is the Future of Metal Additive Manufacturing?

Earlier this year, research firm IDTechEx published a report on metal additive manufacturing, estimating that its value would reach $18.5 billion ...


A New Leap in FDM 3D Printing? The Bambu Lab X1 Kickstarter Has Officially Launched

Since the early days of FDM desktop 3D printing and the emergence of the Reprap project, a lot of different 3D printers have come out, and the mar...


A Patient Has Successfully Received a 3D Printed Ear Transplant Made From Human Cells

In the United States, a surgeon has transplanted an ear implant made from human cells! The company 3DBio Therapeutics was responsible for the manu...


All You Need to Know About PVA for 3D Printing

PVA, or polyvinyl alcohol, is a material widely used in the 3D printing industry due to its ability to dissolve in water. In particular, it is use...


Madagascar’s First 3D Printed School Completed

Early last year, we introduced Thinking Huts, an American nonprofit organization that’s main goal is to help children gain access to education in ...



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