magazine «ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGIES» №2-2018, Trumpf, 3D-printing, журнал "Аддитивные технологии"
Темы номера:

Industry of 3D technologies: results of 2017

Application of fast prototyping technologies in medicine

Additive manufacturing of ceramic gas turbines motors with integrated electric generator

Automated 3D Printing: How Industrial Additive Manufacturing Is Evolving

For years, science fiction has portrayed images of robots and appliances catering to every need and whim of human managers completely automatically...

Celebrating ten years of metal additively manufactured hip cups

The world’s first metal additively manufactured acetabular cup for use in a hip replacement was produced a decade ago this year, according to GE. T...

Additive Industries to Move Headquarters to New, Larger Factory

Additive Industries will move its Eindhoven headquarters to a brand new factory close to its current location early April.

The new site will consol...

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