magazine "Additive technologies" № 3-2020

magazine "Additive technologies" № 3-2020
Темы номера:

Digital additive casting

Technological features and experience of 3D printing individual medical devices
Application of am in biotechnology: surgery (part 2)


Trumpf to showcase new products for 3D printing solution at Formnext

German technology company Trumpf states increasing automation and process speeds in its additive manufacturing technologies – and its ‘green laser’...

TISSIUM receives FDA approval for its polymerizable vascular sealant

The company’s biomorphic programmable polymer technology can work similarly to other bioprinting technologies as it enables the layer by layer construction of 3D structures, but also the repair of damaged tissue.

3D Printed Drug Delivering Hearing Aids

The hearing aid industry was one of the first sectors to employ 3D printing in mass production of products. Every ear is different, and 3D printing...

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