magazine "Additive technologies" № 1-2021

magazine "Additive technologies" № 1-2021
Темы номера:
Course on domestic equipment, materials and software
The Rosmould exhibition is an important tool for the development of the industry
Additive shaping of products made of metals and alloys by an electron beam. Selective melting (Part 1)

3dpbm’s map of bioprinting technologies and companies*

In this month’s AM Focus on Bioprinting—and the eBook edition which will be released on March 1st—we will take a deep dive into the different bioprinting technologies that are commercially available today. Starting with 3dpbm’s map of bioprinting technologies and companies.

Series Production of 5G Car Antennas Made Possible with SLS 3D Printing

Civil antenna manufacturer Rhosoon Intelligent Technology is 3D printing 5G vehicle-mounted antennas. 

Prototyping a Modular Mass Ventilator System – MassVentil Project

A recently developed ventilator has been unveiled by a team of researchers from Hungary, and they hope that the modular system, which has been desi...

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