Satellite Benefits From Metal AM Weight Reduction

The European Space Agency’s 15-year Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) Program is aimed at stimulating R&D and creating innova...


Rotterdam Port Installs 3D Printed Bollards

Bollard is a strange word and is not widely used outside of the UK and America. So just to clarify, a bollard is a small vertical post made out of ...

MX3D’s Amsterdam Bridge

Two New 3D Printed Bridges Unveiled to the Public

3D printed bridges are apparently like buses in the sense that you wait a lifetime for one to materialize, and then two show up at once.

And that i...


ExOne opens Metal 3D Printing Adoption Center in Germany

Binder jet 3D printing pioneer ExOne has today announced the opening of a new Metal 3D Printing Adoption Center in Germany.

Located at its European...


SPEE3D gets $1.5m+ in funding to produce rocket engines with cold spray metal 3D printing

SPEE3D has received $1.5 million in funding to use its cold-spray metal 3D printing technology to enable the low-cost mass production of rocket eng...


Desktop Health aims to deliver eardrum reconstruction solution after acquiring PhonoGraft technology

Desktop Metal’s Desktop Health brand has announced the acquisition of a technology that is being developed for use in an implantable device for rep...


GKN Additive launches DP600-like steel materials for powder bed fusion and binder jet 3D printing

GKN Additive has successfully adapted a DP600-like low alloy dual-phase steel material for additive manufacturing.

It is bringing to market two ver...


When the hip joint comes out of the printer

It's all about high-tech dentures, prostheses that autonomously detect inflammatory reactions in the body, or individually adapted seats for wheelc...



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