AddUp adds 6 new FormUp 350 metal 3D printers to Ohio service center

AddUp, now the leading French manufacturer of metal PBF and DED 3D printers continues to expand its presence in North America where, after acquiring BeAM, the company has set up a large HQ and service center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The facility is now seeing the arrival of six new FormUp 350 metal 3D printers.

The recently introduced next-gen FormUp 350 system has been optimized to meet the industrial community’s requirements in terms of safe operation, serial production of both final parts. It also reduces the obsolescence of earlier generations of machines by using a modular, upgradable architecture. AddUp is using this system to target production applications in the automotive, aviation, health sectors, energy sectors, among others.

AddUp was founded in 2016 from the desire of two major French industrial groups, Michelin and Fives, to create a new, important player in the field of metal additive manufacturing. The joint venture relies on Michelin’s expertise, which has developed the Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LB-PBF) technology and operates it for large-scale industrial production.

The company also benefits from the know-how of the Fives Group in the design, manufacture and distribution of machine tools and automated production lines for companies of all sectors. With this industrial heritage, our experts are able to assist you throughout your project, regardless of your field of activity.

The AddUp Group now offers a catalog of multi-technology production systems, which includes the FormUp range (robust and open PBF machines, available with multiple spreading devices) as well as the Magic and Modulo lines (industrial DED machines) since the acquisition of BeAM in 2018.

The combination of these complementary technologies allows, on one hand, to offer for each customer the technology most suited for their application, and on the other hand, to meet technical challenges such as the manufacture of parts combining several technologies.

Since the acquisition of Poly-Shape, one of the largest design and production service providers in France, the group has a multi-technological, multi-supplier and multi-material production platform, which allows customers to have parts manufactured on demand, for small and medium series, and to order studies to choose the ideal technology for their application.



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