BeAM launches its Modulo 400 system for industrial metal AM

BeAM Machines introduced its new Modulo 400 machine at formnext 2017

French-based BeAM Machines, SAS, introduced its new Modulo 400 machine at formnext powered by tct in November, 2017. The Direct Energy Deposition (DED) machine is designed to allow industrial-scale metal Additive Manufacturing while reducing the required floorspace for an industrial set-up.

According to BeAM, traditional DED systems place their peripheral equipment (laser, chiller, fume extractor and more), as well as the machine base, outside the main ‘envelope’ of the system – therefore requiring a large area of floor space. The Modulo 400 is said to integrate all peripherals into the machine cabinet, resulting in a significantly reduced machine footprint.

The new machine is also said to be more portable than traditional DED systems, fitting inside a normal shipping container or box truck for easier transportation and operation in remote locations, such as offshore oil rigs and military bases. Tim Bell, General Manager of BeAM Machines, stated, “Designed and built to operate every day in harsh conditions, the Modulo 400 is truly the future ‘factory in the field.’”

The Modulo 400 also offers BeAM’s standard suite of options including a 2 kW fibre laser, fully controlled atmosphere system, multiple deposition heads, touch trigger probe and light-duty milling spindle for dry machining. In January 2018, the company expects to introduce the Modulo 250, an even more compact version of its DED system designed specifically for small-scale activities such as R&D, training and the AM of small parts.


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