Bossard enters the additive manufacturing market

The Bossard Group (Zug, Switzerland), along with three partners, is entering the emerging 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) market. Together with its subsidiary KVT-Fastening (Illerrieden, Germany), Bossard will present three different technologies at the Additive Manufacturing Expo, taking place March 6-7, 2018 in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Cooperation partners for the Swiss market include Trumpf (Ditzingen, Germany; laser metal fusion), German RepRap (Feldkirchen, Germany; fused filament fabrication) and Henkel (Düsseldorf, Germany; stereolithography). These partnerships will allow Bossard to sell 3D industrial printers and related consumables (metal powder, filaments, etc.). The company will also act as a partner in consulting customers up to designing complex parts for 3D printing.

The Bossard Group views 3D printing as a forward-looking technology that will transform some areas of industrial manufacturing. The company's involvement relies on partnerships with three manufacturers of premium industrial 3D printers and related technical support services. The company contributes with its technical expertise, vast experience in solving industrial manufacturing problems, and an established sales network. Its consulting services extend to the design of prototypes and complex customized components; application engineering and prototyping will act as a competence center.

In cooperation with its partners, Bossard will continually expand the new 3D printer line. The devices are based on three different technologies and are designed for professional use in various areas, including product development, prototyping, model- and mold-making, architecture, product design, and creation of complex components with functional integration.



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