3D Evaluate launches to support buyers of industrial 3D printing systems to examine and test leading technologies

3D Evaluate is a new company bridging the gap between 3D printing companies and buyers that are seeking to purchase professional 3D printers.

One of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic is the cancellation of public events and all leading trade shows that are used as the ideal place for buyers and sellers (OEM’s) to do business. With no events for the buyers to attend, and for the sellers to meet new prospects, a gap was created for both sides.

In the current conditions, the practical way to find vendors of 3D printers is going online. When managing an evaluation process of possible solutions, the buyers would need more than technical information or specs of relevant printers. Any buyer of a 3D printer knows that examining printed samples, especially their own benchmark parts, is a critical element in determining which technology/vendor to choose.


Founded by AM industry-veteran Gil Lavi, the Founder and CEO of 3D Alliances, 3D Evaluate is an online platform that supports buyers to find and compare industrial 3D printing systems of leading OEM’s. The comparison is based on examining 3D printed sample parts of each vendor – sample kits are shipped to the buyers in couple of days, and by printing the buyer’s benchmarks with competitive technologies. This enables them do their own internal testing before moving ahead with choosing which printer to purchase.

“The need for such platform was born few weeks after the COVID-19 crisis emerged”. Gil explains “Once we saw public events being canceled one after the other, we identified the gap that was created. We made contact with more than few buyers and OEM’s to understand the challenges they are facing. The buyers could not move forward without testing the technologies, and the OEM’s lost their number one lead generation source. In three months, we managed to set the concept of the platform and build it as an online platform. 3D Evaluate aims to attract buyers of industrial 3D printers to offer support from an independent entity in their evaluation process.

Photo: 3D Evaluate was launched offering buyers the possibility of examining high-performance FDM 3D printers. The expansion plan will see the addition of vendors of all leading 3D printing technologies in the AM industry, including SLS, SLA, metal AM and others.

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