Stratasys supplies polymer 3D printing technology to nFrontier Emerging Technologies Center

Stratasys has announced its partnership with Berlin-based innovation studio nFrontier, who is to integrate additive manufacturing and other ‘emerging technologies’ into its Emerging Technologies Center (EmTeCe).

The EmTeCe is the core of the nFrontier Innovation Studio and will also include augmented reality/ virtual reality, artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics, generative design, drones and quantum computing. These technologies will make up a ‘dynamic lab environment’ with nFrontier using them to showcase new ways of developing ‘innovative products’ for its customers.

Developed to become a key international institution for digital, design and product development, the EmTeCe is set to boast Fused Deposition Modelling, PolyJet and P3 Programmable Photopolymerisation 3D printing technologies from Stratasys. The 3D printing firm has also become a Founding Partner of the Emerging Technologies Center.

“We believe that our contribution to the EmTeCe will serve as a perfect launching pad to successfully introducing leading-edge product innovations,” commented Andreas Langfeld, President EMEA at Stratasys. “We share a common vision for the convergence of digital design and manufacturing, creating sustainable growth and better products.”

nFrontier has been set up Stephan Beyer, Daniel Buening and Pervin Adiyaman, all formerly of Berlin-based FDM 3D printer provider BigRep. Having helped to build BigRep into a leading supplier of FDM technology, Beyer announced his departure as CEO in 2019 and has since been joined by Buening and Adiyaman in co-founding nFrontier, with the former being appointed Chief Executive Officer and the latter as Chief Administrative Officer.

“We are very proud to welcome Stratasys as the first EmTeCe Founding Partner and are looking forward to exploring the potential of these manufacturing technologies within our innovation projects,” commented nFrontier CEO Buening. “This commitment also shows Stratasys’ visionary mindset shaping the future of impact-driven product innovation enabled by technology convergence.”


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