Zaxe Continues to Expand in Europe with Distributor OKM3D

Turkish manufacturer Zaxe is continuing its growth in Europe by signing a distribution agreement with the German company OKM3D. Founded in 2015 in Istanbul, the FDM/FFF 3D printer manufacturer initially focused on a local market before beginning its expansion in 2021. A year later, it chose OKM3D as its official distributor in several European countries, confirming its desire to position itself as one of the leaders in material deposition 3D printing, with professional grade printers like the X3 and Z3.

Since opening up internationally, Turkish manufacturer Zaxe has proven the reliability of its machines and continued to grow with an expanded team, successful fundraising, and a presence at major additive manufacturing events like Formnext. Above all, it introduced its new 3D printers in 2022, the X3 and Z3, which are faster and more powerful than competing solutions, offering many features designed to improve the user experience.

Zaxe has extended its team to support its growth (Photo Credits: Zaxe)

Features of the X3 and Z3 Machines

Professionals in the market are looking for intuitive, fast 3D printers that offer a number of features to make their printing process easier. And that’s exactly what Zaxe wanted to develop with its new line of professional grade printers. Both the X3 and Z3 are FDM 3D printers featuring an enclosed enclosure with a passive heating chamber that can rise to 65°C. The printers are able to maintain the necessary temperature and thus avoid any thermal imbalance that could deform the part during printing. They will also enable users to count on better inter-layer bonds and less risk of warping.



Both the X3 and Z3 have a strong and stable Core XY system to enable reliable and repeatable prints. The E3D V6 titanium head offers broad material compatibility, from PLA and PA to TPU, PETG and FLEX. Zaxe also integrated Klipper in their firmware to support multiple microcontrollers and to enable Octoprint compatibility. Not surprisingly, both machines integrate an automatic calibration of their plate, a HEPA filter or a sensor of end of filament. Note that the plate is flexible and made of PEI, facilitating the removal of the parts after printing.

The 3D printing plate of the X3 (Photo Credits: Zaxe)

The differences between the X3 and Z3 rely in their size and performance; the X3 offers a smaller print volume of 220 x 230 x 250 mm while the Z3 offers 400 x 300 x 350 mm. The X3 is more suitable for educational purposes, for example, or for those looking for an easy-to-use and accessible machine. The Z3 is more versatile and incorporates more features – such as an HD camera to monitor the printing process in real time. The X3 is priced at €2,149 and the Z3 at €3,799 (excluding tax).

Finally, on the software side, Zaxe has developed its own ecosystem integrating a modeling solution, a slicer as well as a remote management of printing parameters thanks to a Cloud solution. It also offers its own filaments integrating a chip for a better management of materials. However, its machines are compatible with third-party slicers and filaments.

OKM3D, Official European Distributor of Zaxe Machines

In order to strengthen its presence in Europe, Zaxe has surrounded itself with strategic partners. Among them, the distributor OKM3D. It has exclusive distribution rights for Zaxe 3D printers in Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

OKM3D is one of the largest distributor in Europe, currently mastering a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies. With offices in Germany and France and a total storage area of 10,000 m2 spread over 3 logistical centers, the distributor has developed a real logistic expertise and a strong network of specialized resellers to cover all the needs of professionals customers in Europe.

Photo Credits: Zaxe

Baki Gezgen, founder of Zaxe, explains: ” Going global was the plan from day one for Zaxe and this partnership with OKM3D is one of the biggest steps we have taken so far to accomplish that goal. We had tremendous success in our domestic market and are now looking to do the same thing in Europe. As industry veterans that have been operating in central Europe successfully for over 30 years, OKM3D is the perfect business partner to help us reach a much wider audience. Our team is absolutely thrilled to be making such a big move and we can’t wait to see what is next.”

Julien Gonzalez, European Distribution Manager at OKM3D, concludes: ”We are very happy to partner with Zaxe and to distribute their solutions at a European level. The X3 and Z3 printers offer a different price point and positioning to complete OKM3D’s portfolio in the FDM segment. Zaxe’s team is great and professional, their printers are reliable and have numerous key features. The Z3 will appeal to industrial customers and to many of our resellers partners in Europe.“

The manufacturer Zaxe will be present at Formnext in Frankfurt from November 15 to 18. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover its 3D printing solutions on its dedicated booth. You can find more information about the machines HERE.

*Cover Photo Credits: Zaxe



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