First 3D Printed Water Chamber Created in The UK

Recently, British water supply company United Utilities and 3D printing service ChangeMaker 3D successfully demonstrated the use and benefits of 3...


First 3D Printed Stainless Steel Fuel Component Installed at the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant

Founded in 1958, Framatome is a French multinational nuclear company that began using 3D technologies in 2015. It recently announced the developme...


Recent Report Highlights the Continued Importance of 3D Printing in Dentistry

Dentistry is providing an ever-increasing market for 3D printing. According to a recent report from BlueWeave Consulting on the dental 3D printing...


Eolas Prints and its Certified 3D Printing Filaments for Demanding Industries

The materials market for additive manufacturing is extremely vast. Depending on the technology used, they can be found in the form of filaments, p...


Drones That Use 3D Printing for Building Construction and Repair

A team of researchers from Imperial College London and Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories of Materials Science and Technology have developed a s...


3D Printed Construction Reaches New Heights in the US

Housing shortages are a worldwide concern, in light of growing population densities and cost-of-living concerns. However, new technologies could b...


Korean Researchers Are Leading the Charge for International Standardization for Medical 3D Printing

Increasingly, we have seen that 3D printing is becoming more and more commonplace in the healthcare sector. From surgical guides to prostheses and...


Navy Sailors Receive 3D Printed Dental Prosthetics

Recently, two Sailors of the United States Navy received emergency dental prosthetics thanks to 3D printing. The procedure made military medical h...


3D Printing Used to Create Titanium Alloy With Highest Strength to Weight Ratio

One of the key to modern manufacturing is research and development into materials. Especially in industries like aerospace, materials that are bot...


The Integration of 3D Printing in Hospitals

Over the years, 3D printing has gradually made its way into the medical field. Orthopedics, ophthalmology, dentistry and traumatology are just som...



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