Forust 3D’s Accessory Line Gives New Life to Wood Waste

US-based Forust 3D was founded with a mission to make high-volume wood 3D printing affordable, reliable and sustainable. To do this, it leverages ...


Researchers Are Making Microstructures Using Ice 3D Printing

At Carnegie Mellon University, located in Pennsylvania, engineering researchers claim to have succeeded in 3D printing microstructures of ice. The...


Simplifyber is Offering Eco-Responsible Clothing Made With Additive Manufacturing

Like many industries, the textile sector could also find itself upended with the emergence of additive manufacturing. As 3D printers are developed...


PYLO: The Smart Bike Helmet That Integrates 3D Printing

Recently, additive manufacturing has introduced us to many projects that have centered on improving bicycles including  bicycle saddles, frames or...


Aston Martin Uses 3D Printing and Carbon Fiber to Make the New DBR22

Seduced by the advantages offered by the technology, many companies in the automotive sector have started to opt for additive manufacturing. From ...


3D Bioprinters: The Main Manufacturers on the Market

If you are interested in the role of 3D printing in the medical sector, you have almost certainly heard of bioprinting. This technique is unique i...


How Can Metal Additive Manufacturing Overcome Obstacles for the Creation of Core Parts?

As additive manufacturing continues to mature and grow, one trend that has become clear is the increased importance of metal AM in a number of sec...


Auxetic Wear, a 3D Printed Shoe That Adapts to Your Foot

A shoe that fits your foot, not the other way around: that’s the primary goal that inspired design studio WertelOberfell to come up with this new ...


From Waste to Wind on 3D Printing Wind Turbines Using Plastic Waste

In recent years, wind power has been developing around the world in order to provide a more sustainable alternative for electricity production. In...


3D Printing Helps Save Newborn With Skull Defect

Performing complex surgeries, especially those related to the brain or skull, is difficult at the best of times. And they get exponentially harder...



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