Meltio Has Launched New Materials, Allowing for Parts With Guaranteed Properties for a Broader Range of Industries

Meltio, an international manufacturer of metal 3D solutions based in Spain and the US, has announced that it is launching four new materials, Stai...


Zaxe Continues to Expand in Europe with Distributor OKM3D

Turkish manufacturer Zaxe is continuing its growth in Europe by signing a distribution agreement with the German company OKM3D. Founded in 2015 in...


A Closer Look at 3D Printing Materials: Ceramics and Organic Material

Over the years, additive manufacturing has grown exponentially. And currently there are many different 3D printing technologies that allow objects...


Nippon Gases on Developing Gases for the Additive Manufacturing Sector

In additive manufacturing processes, many different systems coexist to ensure that the machines run smoothly to produce quality parts. One of them...


The New Bentley Batur Features 18K Gold 3D Printed Parts

Almost every day, new car parts are produced using additive manufacturing for various vehicles, Whether for cars, trucks, motorcycles or even NASC...


Guider 3, the New Professional 3D Printer from Flashforge

Chinese manufacturer Flashforge has announced the launch of a new professional FDM 3D printer, the Guider 3. Designed for the production needs of ...


3D Printing Could Improve Accessibility By Helping Blind Scientists to Read Data

Accessibility, especially in academia, has been a topic of conversation for quite some time. People with a wide range of disabilities have the rig...


Top Ceramic 3D Printers on the Market

At the end of 2021, the research firm IDTechEx published a report that estimated that the ceramic additive manufacturing market would be worth $40...


Markforged’s Aerospace Grade 3D Printer: FX20

Markforged’s FX20 3D printer is quite impressive.

The company has come a very long way from its early days marketing a unique continuous carbon ...


Boeing and Northrop Grumman Have Joined AM Forward With Other Industry Leaders

The AM Forward initiative was announced just in May but already a number of leading players in the American manufacturing sector have pledged to i...



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