Michael Hansmeyer Presents Digital Grotesque: Additive Art Made From Sand

There are already a large number of different art installations in which artists have turned to additive manufacturing in different forms. Whether...


AMT Is Set to Launch New Technology and Bring the Digital Manufacturing Factory of the Future to Formnext 2022

With Formnext just a week away, many companies are announcing the launch of new additive manufacturing solutions. The international event in Frank...


LEGO Continues to Delve Into 3D Printed Toys

One of the most iconic and successful toy manufacturers in the world is engaging in 3D printing technology, in what could be a big step for the in...


Innovareef: 3D Printed Coral Reef Replicas For Seabed Restoration

Coral reefs existed in the dinosaur era, ice age and have survived numerous environmental changes but… will they make it in the 21st century? Some...


The Top 3D Printing Applications in Dentistry

One of the fields where 3D printing is gaining great popularity is dentistry. 3D printing in the dental sector is a tool that allows the creation ...


3Dnatives Lab: Testing the XiP 3D Printer From Nexa3D

Nexa3D was born from a meeting between Avi Reichental, former CEO of 3D Systems, and the inventors of the “Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing” (LSPc)...


The 3D Printed Humidifier That Uses No Electricity

The Print Clay Humidifier is a 3D printed product capable of operating while consuming no energy. The innovative device, made by designer Jiaming ...


Reinforcement of PLA For 3D Printing Using Plant Waste

A recent study from an international group of researchers suggests that pineapple leaf fiber (PALF) could be used to reinforce polylactic acid (PL...


The Manufacturers of 3D Printed Houses

3D printing in construction has come more into focus than ever before. According to a report from Exactitude Consulting, the market is expected to...


Recent Report Highlights Sustainability Within Metal Additive Manufacturing

We have known for a while that sustainability is a key benefit of additive manufacturing. There are already many examples of this: for example, in...



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