Prague Receives its First 3D Printed Tram Shelter

he infrastructure of the Czech capital Prague covers a length of 142 kilometers, on which about 991 vehicles are on the road every day, transporti...


Turning PLA Waste Into 3D Printing Resin

At Washington State University, a team of researchers is working on the issue of upcycling, that is to say this method which consists in transform...


Metal Jet S100, HP’s Metal 3D Printing Solution, is Finally Available

At the end of 2018, HP announced its intention to enter the metal additive manufacturing market. Four years later, its machines are finally availa...


Creating More Optimized Bicycle Saddles Thanks to Industry 4.0 Technologies

In the world of sports, cycling and 3D printing have been proven time and again to be a winning duo. This is especially the case in areas in which...


ValueBioMat Talks 3D Printing Biosourced Composites

Today, more and more companies are developing composite materials for additive manufacturing, enabling the design of lighter and stronger parts. H...


Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing: Complementary or Rivals?

While more and more companies are opting for additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing is still the most widely used method in industry. M...


#3DStartup: TissueLabs on Using Bioprinting to Make Artificial Organs

When we think about 3D printing in the medical sector, one of the most exciting applications is without a doubt bioprinting. This method of creati...


Edge E1, RAYSHAPE’s New 3D Printer for Digital Dentistry

Chinese manufacturer RAYSHAPE, known for its DLP 3D printing solutions, continues its expansion in the resin additive manufacturing market. Most r...


Meltio Has Launched New Materials, Allowing for Parts With Guaranteed Properties for a Broader Range of Industries

Meltio, an international manufacturer of metal 3D solutions based in Spain and the US, has announced that it is launching four new materials, Stai...


Zaxe Continues to Expand in Europe with Distributor OKM3D

Turkish manufacturer Zaxe is continuing its growth in Europe by signing a distribution agreement with the German company OKM3D. Founded in 2015 in...



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