Statement on contract awarded to Stratasys by the U.S. Navy

On August 23, 2021, the U.S. Navy issued Stratasys a $20 million contract to purchase up to 25 Stratasys F900™ 3D printers over the next five years...


Stratasys Direct Manufacturing opens expanded Polyjet Design and Print Center

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Stratasys opened the PolyJet Design and Print Center at their location in Eden Prairie, Minn. The e...


Seven 3D Printer Features That Should Be Standard

Desktop 3D printers have evolved significantly in the 10+ years they’ve been on the market, but there are many more features they need to include.


The Tupel 3D Scanner Will Break Financial Barriers

A new tabletop 3D scanner is about to provide outstanding scanning performance at a very low price.

JF Mather is the force behind the Tupel 3D scan...


What is “Tough PLA” and Why Do You Need It?

There are now many sources of “tough PLA”, but what is this mysterious material and why is it gaining popularity?

I saw an announcement from filame...


Fortify & Tethon 3D partner to develop 3D printing ceramic materials

Fortify has announced a partnership with Tethon 3D that will focus on the development of ceramic materials for 3D printed end-use parts.

The compan...


Stratasys supplies polymer 3D printing technology to nFrontier Emerging Technologies Center

Stratasys has announced its partnership with Berlin-based innovation studio nFrontier, who is to integrate additive manufacturing and other ‘emergi...


Printing The Glioblastoma

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have 3D printed a working cancer tumor.

The specific cancer tissue involved is a glioblastoma. This is a highly ...


Desktop Metal launches 316L stainless steel for Shop System

Desktop Metal has qualified the use of 316L stainless steel on its Shop metal binder jet 3D printing system.

The Shop System was launched at Formne...


Could Additive Manufacturing Use “Green” Steel?

There’s been an explosion in the popularity of metal additive manufacturing, and that means more use of steel.

Steel is one of the key metals used ...



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